27 August 2017

Nifty astro weekly prediction August 28-08-207/01-09-2017

                     Nifty astro prediction
   August 29, 2017 01 September 2017
 What is going to happen this week of this month of August?
How will the market trends remain? Which day, which sector, which is good for? Which day is auspicious? Which day is inauspicious?
It will try to see through astrology
This Week J level will be something like this
Berish Side 9807/9776 / 9765-9735
Bullish side 9903/9960/10010
Cnx Nifty Cash 9857
 Closed last Friday (9857) market
In the last week, there was a mixed effect in the Nipati. What is going on in the coming week, through astrology?
On Monday 29-08-2017, the Vishakha Nakshatra in the market can be seen in good effect in the morning. But gradually the momentum of the pressure can be seen over time. You can get a good look till the afternoon. But at the last moment, little effect will be seen
The level of 9826 9878 9849 can be seen. Mixed movements can be seen in the same bank nifty.
Effective 24310 24350/24380 24406
24220 24130/24154 in negative effect
Media point 24302
Can see the level of.
The turnkey time of the market can be expected to be 13.45 pm. INFRA, POWER, OIL, STEEL, AND METALS
On Tuesday 29-08-2017, being in the market Anuradha constellation can be seen under pressure with quality. But after seeing a good moment in the morning, negative effect can be seen on Tuesday. The level of 9800 9815 9785 can be expected. In the last hour, with the moon becoming Saturn, we can not see good movement in Nifty. The same bank can see the level of 24190 24267 24250 in Nifty

 Wednesday 30-08-2017. With the presence of Jyeshtha Nakshatra in the market, the effect of Buddha can be seen with positive effect.
9830 9890 9864 This level can be expected. The same bank Nifty can see the level of 24330 24350 24425.
Thursday 31-08-2017 Ketu's influence will be seen as having the original constellation on this day, however, due to the absence of the condition of Guru Ketu, an environment of effectiveness can be seen. The level of 9780 9730 9680 can be seen in the market. The same bank can not see very good effect in the Nifty, the level of 24220 24102 can be seen.
On Friday 01-09-2017, with the constellation of the Sunshine sun, Ayyashada will try to change the sentiment of the market. In the East Sashagra constellation i.e. that afternoon, the negative environment can be seen to see the level of 9790 9750 9720. It will be called turning time in the market. On this day, the effect of negativity in the market can be seen. Level 24140 24180 24200 can be seen in the same bank Nifty
Here is the prediction given only on the assumption that no call or tips